How should I store my batteries when I am not charging them.  I use a Lipo bag when charging already,  Should I store each battery when not changed in a Lipo bag by itself?



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It doesn't hurt to store them in the bag. Make sure before storing them that you bring the voltage to 3.85v per cell.

Good point.  I have the stock charger, how would get them down to that voltage?

You can't with the stock charger unfortunately. You need a charger that shows you the individual cell voltage.

You can get a multi chemistry charger from e-bay for a very reasonable price that has storage charge settings on it that will put it in a storage mode. I have a Eflite celectra multi chemistry charger that I got from e-bay for less than $100.00 and it works great but be sure that if it says DC only you will need a power supply to run the charger, I store my batteries in a old metal box that has a latch on it works well and if there ever anything went wrong it would contain a fire.


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