Interest in a case for IRIS with Props and without transmitter?

I'm looking into either finding or having a case made that fits the IRIS with props without the transmitter, with a custom cut foam interior. This case would also have room for 3 batteries and extra props etc. 

The dimensions that I am looking at are approximately 29" x 17" x 7" this gives a one inch border on all sides.

So far I have found a couple of Plastic cases with a minimum order of 1 that are close to size and a supplier who will custom cut the foam. These cases run about $200 case, $110 ester foam.

I am looking for cheaper case alternatives similar to, unfortunately most of these have a minimum order of at least 10. 

Is anyone else interested in one of these?


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Followup, I don't fly with the long legs, but finding a case that will fit them would be fairly easy too. We could look at both options. 

Hi Helicopter Joe, 

I contacted a company that does custom cut foam interiors for an IRIS case that would let the props stay on and include all the items and extra batteries. I am trying to set this up as a group buy and will post the details once the company gets back to me. 

Hey Wbal,

What are the dimensions? Is it deep enough for the long legs? How much does the case cost?

That information would be really helpful, to help decide whether to wait for you or just do my own for cheaper.


The request I made to them was a case deep enough for the legs and gimbal to be on it with the props attached and protected. I am offering them my IRIS kit for measuring and will post the details and cost as soon as they get back to me. My hope was for a group buy to get their interest and keep the cost low. A custom case for one item would be costly but if we can get 10 or 20 users interested the cost would go down.

Here is the list of all of the cases that I have fund so far, in case anyone is interested. The shallower cases are running less than 200, deeper cases so far ( I haven't looked much for these ) are around ~ $230 to $270 and much more. 

Short legs:

Long legs:

I like the looks of the Pelican 1650. It would appear to me that the custom cut foam for the 3DR case would work by just adding foam to each side of the custom piece such that it is centered in the case and leaving room for the props. Ideally the custom cut foam supplier could cut the foam from a block the correct size to fit he Pelican 1650 case with the IRIS cutout centered side to side to leave room for the props. A few generic cutouts could be added for chargers & parts. I found the 1650NF for as low as $189.26.

Hey Bruce,

Nice find, where did you see it?

I have been using the to design the foam, you can use a picture to create the cut outs. I'm almost finished with my design and would be happy to post it for others to use. 

Case builder will cut it to fit any case you choose. 

Another thought that I had was that getting a "universal" case and having custom foams for that case for each of your UAVs.

In that case (no pun intended) I think a larger case would be better. 

I did a google search for Pelican 1650NF and found this:

I think everyone would appreciate you sharing your design, Thanks!

Great stuff, please keep updating when you have decided which is the best option with order instructions. 

I'm still looking for places to find the Aluminum Carrying cases liker this

Does anyone know where to find these cases in the right size for under a hundred dollars?

I think that with right type of foam this could be strong enough and I'm not sure that we really need a soft foam if the cut is well fitting or lined.  


Thanks. I'll figure out how to share the design and do so. I haven't settled on a case size yet. I like the pelican, but they tend to be pretty heavy and am exploring the idea of a lighter weight case which uses the foam as a structural component too in order to make the case lighter. As soon as I get that part done I'll finalize the design.


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