Interest in a case for IRIS with Props and without transmitter?

I'm looking into either finding or having a case made that fits the IRIS with props without the transmitter, with a custom cut foam interior. This case would also have room for 3 batteries and extra props etc. 

The dimensions that I am looking at are approximately 29" x 17" x 7" this gives a one inch border on all sides.

So far I have found a couple of Plastic cases with a minimum order of 1 that are close to size and a supplier who will custom cut the foam. These cases run about $200 case, $110 ester foam.

I am looking for cheaper case alternatives similar to, unfortunately most of these have a minimum order of at least 10. 

Is anyone else interested in one of these?


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Does anyone know what kind of foam the 3DR IRIS case uses? It looks like a nice form foam?

Gopro case is building the iris case. I happened to be ordering new foam for my phantom gopro case about a month ago, and I asked them is they could cut foam for me for a iris if I found a box for it. That's  when they informed me that they were building the iris cases.

I to have been looking al over for a inexpensive case like the heli cases. I don't need much to load up to go fly. If I a frequent traveler and needed something for the airport I would invest in a real good case. Even a semi soft case would work for me..


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