hi everyone my iris caught fire at weekend so was wandering what this is in picture and where can I get one from

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That's the 4 in one esc.


There are replacement 4-in-1 escs that you can buy

I believe you may be better off buying a new one, With esc fire, other parts may be damaged too. hence your repair bill will exceed $500 4-in-1 esc board. the cost of the 4-in-1 esc is almost 80% of  $599 new solo+gimbal bundle or 100% of $499 Phantom 3.. Both quad are better than iris.

This seems like a better price http://www.riseabove.com.au/iris-power-board

Contact Matt Hagen at https://www.facebook.com/matt.hagen.54.  He has a lot of used IRIS and IRIS+ stuff for sale.


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