I just pruchased the smart remote, and found out it requires the wifi to be on for the GoPro to work with it. Problem is the wifi has to be shut off on the GoPro so it does mess up with the Iris+ flight.

So how do I take pictures from the sky? I have been just taking the images right from the recorded video, but would like to have just pictures as well.

What is effected when the wifi is on?

Otherwise I will be returning the remote.


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The wifi of the GoPro will interfere with the operation of the IRIS, chances are it will crash or fly away. You can set the GoPro to take pictures in time-lapse mode, choosing from 1 picture per second all the way to 1 picture every 60 seconds. It doesn't work great, though, because you can't choose shutter speed, ISO, or exposure aperture so pictures are going to look different depending on the object or area photographed.

So to sum it up, I have to take back the smart remote.

That sucks, because I wanted to manually take the pictures.  Guess I would have to hover to make sure I got the shot, even then I wouldn't really know.

I could try a pic every 10 sec or so, see how that works.  Or just take it from the recording as I have been doing.

Well off to bestbuy to return the remote. :(  

I didn't want to return it, but don't want to keep it for an occasion of once in a great while I would use it.

Thanks for the heads up.

That comment is a little dramatic. The WiFi from the Go Pro will effect the RC transmitter connection reducing the range. If Failsafe on radio loss is not set correctly, unexpected behaviour can result. Depending on the RC transceiver used the outcome can be effected. You can set failsafe to land or RTL.

There are some who have been using the wifi to stream video without problem and with good antenna placement range problems can be mitigated.

The interference does not cause suprious control signals on most modern spread spectrum RC receivers just signal loss.
Well I know the Iris+ is capable of around 3200 feet. Although I would never be bringing it above 400 feet as its the FAA rules. Would there be an issue with the receiver at a distance of no greater than 400 feet elevation? All though longitude and latitude combined would never be greater than 1000 feet.
+1 to Bill

The just announced solo drone provides the capabilities you are looking for.

Even if you correctly configure the iris+ to use a go pro remote, the solo drone should provide a much easier to use and integrated solution.

In the past when I just want photos and don't need a video from a flight, I've set the Gopro to take a photo every 1 or 2 seconds.   It's lots of photos to sort through once you land, but it's one less distraction when flying.  A sufficiently large SD card in the gopro has more than enough room.

Move your RC transmitter/receiver from 2.4Ghz to another frequency by installing different radio equipment.

I have yet to turn on the wifi on the gopros when flying with any of our iris+(s).  I was looking at getting a different kind of camera but it also seems to have 2.4ghz wifi enabled permanently.  I have my failsafe set to RTL and assume that it means that if it looses connection with remote it will return to launch..and not accept commands from a local camera...at least that is what i am hoping.


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