Iris+ "attacks" wife and consistently crashes whenever she is present

Every time my wife comes out while I am filming with the Iris+ it just starts behaving really weird, often ending up in a crash.  On 3 separate occasions its as if the damn thing switched itself into follow me mode, locked onto her, and "attacked."  At one point she actually ran back into the house and it tried to follow her right in - crashing into the house.

I can upload logs and video later but here is one such video from the most recent occurrence.  I was just goofing around, getting a little practice filming the kids and my wife decided to come out to join us.  Within about 30 seconds of her showing up, once again it tried to follow her and crashed into a tree.

This is getting very frustrating. Anyone had anything similar happen to them?

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Video = Exactly the same way I crashed my IRIS+  (ㅠ..ㅠ)

Maybe she has her phone on her person and the wifi is turned on.  I always makes sure that all wifi is turned off on all devices close to me.

Too funny though :)

Yeah. It happens to the best of us. In this case the snow I was standing on gave out beneath me. (I was on snow shoes). By the time I regained my balance... too late. Luckily not much damage.
No. Just an April's Fools joke. See the date on the original post. :-)

EDIT: Oh. If are you saying her wifi interferes with my flying the other times... I wish that were the case. She just distracts me, or I'm showing off too much, or it's purely been bad luck.
This all reminds me I should probably take that video down soon.

Does she have plasma shooting out of her mind? Wife aggro is directly related to interference with the compass.



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