I am interested in 3D Mapping and Survey with the Iris+. I have a modified GoPro and Tarot gimbal. I need a solution for Geotagging images through this setup or a recommended alternative solution/camera. Any help would be great. I am using AgiSoft Photoscan Pro at the moment. 

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Hi Jimmy,

with this setup you can use this method:


It can produce good results.


You can also use free programs like geosetter and the planner log to sync up photos using the timestamps from both the photo and the log.

Great info here! Thank you. Would I get better results with a Canon 260 in concert with MP2 or would a GoPro with the methods shown here be accurate enough? 

Sweet! Free is good! Thx

I can't compare, because I have no experience with Canon. But I guess option with connecting camera directly to Pixhawk, might be little bit more precise and little bit faster in work flow. On the other hand, so far I was satisfied with GoPro and Tarot. 

You can check it here:


I am interested in the same thing.  I have heard that the Tarot 2D gimbal may not be stable enough to produce good enough images for map making.  Can you comment on this?

Also,  how are you finding the Agisoft software? I am considering it.


I had a Pixhawk failure and big crash so I'm waiting for parts. I have modified my GoPro with a lens from Peau Productions to take out the fisheye. Survey can be done with GoPro. I'm also testing Canon 260. I'll post when I have something. 


I look forward to it!


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