Since it is imperative when planning auto missions to know your flight times I have been testing with stabilize/loiter hovers and measuring air time while I familiarize myself with the Arducopter platform.

I now have 17 full flights with respect to battery failsafe at 10.5 volts. I bought 3 batteries with the IRIS.

On these batteries the best hover time I can get is 10.5 to 11 minutes.

Yesterday I bought a more expensive Thunder Power RC G6 Pro Performance 3850mah 45C battery and a HI-Tech X1 MF balance charger. On the first flight with that battery I got 13 minutes hover/loiter. I hope to try it again today. Maybe it will get better after a couple of cycles. I only charged it with 1.9 amps for the first charge.

BTW - The $74 I spent on the charger was worth it. It charges the IRIS 3500 packs in an hour at 2 amps(well below 1C). The stock charger was taking 2.5 hours. it also displays the individual cell voltages and has a storage charge feature.

All battery tests were done with no payload. No legs, no camera, just like it comes out of the box.

I am curious to know what others are getting. The IRIS was advertised 10 to 15 minutes flight time. Assuming that it means 15 minutes with no payload and 10 minutes with legs and gimbal I would obviously like to be at 15 minutes with no payload. Doesn't seem possible as delivered.



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Your right Jordan, MP can't do the failsafe. I mis-understood. So you flew it to the failsafe and you don't see lower than 11 volts in the log?

You know about the log download bug huh? My logs were chopped off short until I started retrieving them directly from the SD card.

I wasn't aware of the log bug. So is it better to remove the sd card and pull the logs that way?

Don't know if it affects everyone but the log corruption when downloading in the current release is known.

I noticed all of my logs ended before I landed and then heard about the bug. When I retrieve them directly from the card I see the entire flight. 

I also hook up MP telemetry when doing the hover tests and put the "time in air" parameter on the quick display. After you land it will tell you how many seconds you were in the air. It's also always counting up so if you glance at it you know exactly how many seconds/minutes you have been in the air.

In your logs look at the total mah used. It has stair steps in it when the logs are corrupted which is impossible. When I read them from the card anomalies like that aren't there.

Im going to mimic your setup, I'll do another flight with the Gopro on the front to give a comparison. I did notice the steps in the total current.

Did you have any problem getting it to fit or close the door?  I will be testing a few new batteries later this week that are being sent to me.  I will be testing it with the Gimbal, long legs, Gopro 3+ and fpv 250mw transmitter.   I just need to know which logs to compare things too so I get the most accurate information.

Its a little tight closing the door because the battery leads are big 10ga wire, I cut them to about 2" and put a xt60 connector, I might try disassembling it and using some 12 ga for and easier fit.

so i redid my flight and got over 17 mins, i just used the timer function on the remote to count up. i got the logs straight from the microsd card and the steps are gone and i got 4040 mah used, battery went down to 10.2v with the failsafe set at 10.5v

12 minutes flight this morning with IRIS GoPro 4S 3000mAh 20C

Link to the battery? I have yet to find one that can fit inside.

Beautiful location BTW.

If your run a 4s battery you must use a BEC if your are using the gimbal.  some guys are running these with good results.  you must cut the ends off and put xt 60 connecter on.

also these. excellent but spendy. again you must put your own xt 60 end on

My 3000 4s is 27mm thick and its a very tight fit into IRIS' battery compartment.

HK spec says 25mm thickness for the 5000maH, wonder if that's accurate.


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