Dear fellows: I was talking with a friend of mine this weekend about an interesting application using IRIS+ (or a similar device) in order to inspect trains.

We are in Mexico and here trains are commonly used to transport raw materials like steel and coal from all over the country mainly to the USA border.

There is a big problem reported from years for all the companies doing this kind of services: robery. Thieves climb into the trains cars (train in motion) and extract all the goods in there so they would like to send a "drone" every hour or something like that in order to ispect train cars from above.

In France, they are already doing this kind of ispections, the main challenge is that train is in motion so I was wondering if you know some device in order to do this kind of application.

Thank you all!

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Roughly translated (for those of us following in English):

If you are thinking of using the APM system for your project, you have to have note that the software which manages vehicle has a number of things that checks before assembling for flight. One of these is to check if the speed is higher than 50cm / s . Look for " bad velocity" in this article pa understand.

This does not mean that it is impossible , otherwise you 'll have to modify a critical part of the software that manages the operating system of the vehicle . I think it would be more useful to use a sistem to detect an electro / magnetic change when a new load the train is introduced. Using sensors in each expensive , so could identify how expensive is this detected change.

You would definitely need to disable a number of the pre-arm checks in addition to the failsafes.  It will be vibrating and in motion. 

Maybe setting ARMING_CHECK to "0" (zero) will over-ride all start-up errors.  This will have to be Trial and Error test to see if it works.

Yeah, and taking off would be like flying in a 30-40MPH wind - would be dicey for sure!  Maybe a catch net for the return landing.

I'll be a nay sayer here and suggest that this is not a great idea. It seems like you'd be much better off just placing wireless cameras throughout the train and monitoring them on a laptop or tablet.

Why not go low tech and use a boom system? A wire running above the train, and a camera on a cable system (like a gondola)



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