i just now noticed the instruction packet that I received with the IRIS+ and saw it says that, by long-pressing on the down button, the flight information will show. The photo in the instruction pamphlet looks nothing like what I see on my transmitter when I long-press the down button. Am I to assume that I don't get those cool features since I didn't buy the full IRIS+ package? Or is there a firmware update I can get for the transmitter?

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You can get a new xmitter  with frsky telemetry built in from 3DR ,

the cost was a bit high for moi when I could get MAVLINK telemetry and GCS control(Tower App) on my android tablet instead with the provided equipment.

if you want to do it yourself?

you will need an frsky telemetry board and these instructions



I understand that the 9XR pro supposedly has this functionality built in(frsky telemetry capability)  plus  is considerably more capable of an RCTX and  may represent considerable cost savings than from from the "official" source for modded th9x  YMMV.. the xmit module from the th9x does directly transfer to the 9XR/PRO.


                   good luck


Hmmm the 9xr pro looks like my best option. But I wonder if I am really going to stare at the transmitter for that information now that I think about it. Looking at the telemetry on the tablet is more useful to me.

I did purchase a 9XR-Pro transmitter in addition to the X8R receiver.  I wanted a transmitter with manual and more configuration options.

I used my leftover IRIS parts and build a frame to put the legs on. Add the Pixhawk and now flying it with the 16 channel receiver.

The telemetry screen in the pro is there but I couldn't see why I would look at the transmitter to get that info.  About the only useful thing would be the battery level but I set a timer for that.

I use a tablet for most of the other functions.




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