iris+ will fall to ground when changing flight modes during flight

I've recently noticed this behavior after upgrading to arducopter 3.3.3

iris+ will fall to ground when changing flight modes during flight. is there any new parameter i'm missing?

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Mine certainly takes a shudder when shifting into Auto mode. I would usually have the throttle set high when changing modes as it is shortly after take off. I also mode shift into stabilize before landing but that one seems to go smoothly.


thanks David.

I've tested between ALT HOLD and LOITER.

I've set the throttle to 50% near ground but flying in ALT HOLD, switched to LOITER and copter drops completely to ground as there would be not throttle set at all. 

We need the logs off the copter to see what the throttle setting are and why it's falling to the ground.  Have not seen that behavior before.

Thanks Michael. I'm attaching here log file. 


What I'm seeing in your log is the throttle is dropping to zero when you make each mode change. On top of that, your battery is horribly discharged. With each "flight," your 3S battery is dropping to less than 10.6v. I'd suspect your battery is damaged.

Thanks Mike. Battery was low indeed for this test, but I did more tests with full battery and noticed same behaviour when changing flight modes.

Is there any parameter that sets throttle value when changing flight modes?

Looks like there is a problem with your radio.  every time you switched mode the throttle went down to 997 and then back up a few seconds later.  It would seem you have a bad radio or some how messed up the configuration on the radio.

hi Michael, I've connected APM Planner and watched live the graphs changing flight modes on the RC, I'm not seeing that throttle is dropping when testing this way. I've uploaded screenshot.


ok, this is a new test flight.

Now I can see the behaviour of throttle dropping when switching flight modes while flying. Still haven't found the fix for this. It is not consistent though. You may see that in the last switch modes from the screenshot there is no throttle drop.



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