I have lost one of the washers that are used with the nut on IRIS's blades. Would it be safe to fly without this washer? If not, does anyone know what I could buy to replace it?

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Hardware stores will have the washer, it is a very common one. I wouldn't fly the IRIS without it. Take one of the washers to the store, a decent employee will find a match.


I have done so it the past but I do not think it is a good idea.  Prop was loose after flight of about 5 min.  You should be able to find a replacement at just about any decent hardware store.  Take one with you so you can compare and obtain the proper size.  I bought a dozen at Lowe's.  


Kevin Arrowood

I wouldn't do it.  Send an email to help@3drobotics.com.  We'll send you a new set.  

Happy flying!

Vu Tran

Director of Support

DO NOt FLY without those washers - they are all that keeps IRIS in the air!! As others said above, any hardware store will stock those. Get a bunch - they disappear all the time!! Make sure the teeth protrude on one side - it should feel rough. Don't get the ones that are smooth on both sides - they won't help.

I replaced nuts and washers with nuts that have the washer  attached (like this):

I bought them at ACE Hardware and and had some good success so far.

In addition it does not hurt to add some removable threadlock such as LOCTITE® THREADLOCKER BLUE 242


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