My short video of IRIS autonomous flight using Droidplanner2

Hi all,

I thought i'd share a brief video of IRIS working quite well with Droidplanner2 and a Nexus7 tablet using a simple waypoint setup.

Before this recorded flight, I took a much longer autonomous journey with IRIS at 75m(altitude) flying approximately 500m away from "home" and back safely and flawlessly. What a fun experience. Below is the link to my brief and poorly recorded video.

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I know several people are struggling to get DP to work, and others are wondering if DP is worth buying a new tablet for.  We're interested!


I haven't used the way-points and autonomous flight yet, but DroidPlanner2 works great for monitoring your Iris mid flight and saving your tlogs. One flight got away from me in altitude hold mode, so I initiated Return to Home from the DP2 and it flew right back to where it took off from. 

Yes I would like to see more info and videos thanks   Tom

Made a very successful survey flight with an auto land at the end last week. Everything went really well.

Kit was Iris, Droidplanner 2, Nexus 7 2012, 433 radio.  



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