About 10 minutes into my IRIS flight today, and it starts sinking on it's own and lands. Fortunately, i was only about 10' above ground, so it didn't hit too hard.  The LED light was steady GREEN the entire time.  I rearmed, took off again, and 30 seconds later it landed on its own again.

So, the battery is dying with the LED remaining steady GREEN; and not blinking YELLOW with an alarm, which has happened on all previous flights.

I tried again using my second battery, and about 10 minutes into my flight, the same exact scenario... battery runs out with a steady GREEN LED.

Has anyone else experienced his problem...?  Any reco's before i call tech support...?

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The first place to look is in your logs. What do your logs say for battery voltage, flight mode, etc...

Were you running Mission Planner during your flights to monitor all parameters of your Iris?

Thanks for your reply.  I am not using Mission Planner - toyed with DroidPlanner, but i enjoy flying manual.

If that's the stock battery all you will get is about 10 minutes of flight time before it will RTL at 10.5. Why the light didn't change and warning buzzer didn't go off is rather odd.

You might have to call support and see what the deal is.

I talked with Tech support on Thursday and they had me reload the initial parameters for the IRIS in Mission Planner.  Sure enough, that solved my NO "Low Battery" Warning issue... the blinking yellow lights and audible tone are back --- granted they come on way too early (after about 10 min), but that's another issue!


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