Setting up Channel 8 from the Iris RC xmitter to do a camera trigger

OK, so I've got the Channel 8 assigned in the Pixhawk parameters to perform a camera trigger. But, it would seem that channel 8 is not assigned to any switch on the Iris FSTH9X rc xmitter.

any suggestions on how to assign channel 8 to say the "Gear" switch?  I've downloaded the manual for the xmitter, but its not understandable as translated.

thanks for any help.


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Hey Dave, maybe this screenshot from the manual will help. It would seem that once you get to the right aux channel, you can assign its function from there. I will check to see if that is truly the case later today.


Here is a video that someone did:

Yes...saw that but my concern is that 3DR added their own load on the xmitter so id hate to mess up and have to send the unit back to San Diego for a reset/reload.
Awesome...just what I was looking for! Thank you


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