It seems that I am unable to get my IRIS+ to obtain GPS lock and consequently the device will not arm. 

I am getting 1.99 HDOP consistently but the indicator LED continues to remain in the bilking yellow state,

Naturally enough, I get the old two tone error response when I try to start the motors.

So I am at a loss to explain why locking GPS should be so elusive.  The device initializes fine and this is evident by the parameter dump on the MP.  I have removed the geo fence to see whether there was any change but this has yielded no joy. 

This is an out-of-the-box IRIS+  any ideas out there?

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I am getting GPS lock but I can't predict the time to do so.  Sometimes it takes less than a minute and at other times it requires 7+ minutes.  The strange part is that it is from the same location each time.  I even changed the GPS_HDOP_GOOD parameter to 180. 

I don't have an Iris but I've had issues with the cable/s from the gps to the pixhawk. Might want to try and replace the cable or at least make sure it's plugged in all the way. I had poor gps performance it wasn't consistent. It was a bad  / loose cable. 

I'm starting to think that if it's brand new and it's not working by now, time to ship it back.

Also, you should contact 3DR support directly.

From their website:
"Please send any questions regarding an order or technical support requests to, call our support line toll-free at+1 (855) 982-2898 or direct at +1 (858) 225-1414."

The first time I tired to fly my Iris+ out of the box, it would not pass a prearm check. Being a noob, i didnt know what was wrong and kept getting the yellow blinking LED indicating system error. So I decided to pack it up and go inside to try and do some updating. Sure enough, i downloaded APM 2.0 and plugged up my Iris+. She connected, and then i updated firmware.I went out the next day and got her up easiy.

I've always been paranoid of letting an IRIS+ just sit drawing current as I want to get as much flight time as possible without re-charging.

I know it's dependent on the battery capacity - 5100mAh - but in general can you just leave the IRIS+ idling for 15 minutes (e.g. plugged in, ready to go but not armed) without it eating away at your flight time?

I tried to get GPS lock over a few hours last weekend but this proved futile.  I am attempting to upgrade the firmware (because the MP flags an update is available) but the upgrade bombs out with an error modal - I will capture the screen and post in the hope that someone can fathom why this happens.

I am away with work at the moment and will return home on Friday so I will pick up the problem then.

When I bought mine I had downloaded all the software & spent time with 3DR's tech support.  After 2 days of troubleshooting with them, it turned out it was just a faulty Iris and I returned it.  

I've had that happen a few times with it and I just move it to a location that can get more satellites.  Tree's will block it, a wall next to a house, things like that.  If you're putting it in a wide open field and not getting a green light, there's something wrong.  

Looks like its time to get in touch with 3DR.  I spent another 3 hours trying to get GPS lock with no success.

I upgraded the firmware and MP so I am running with the latest (although I can't seem to find how to confirm the firmware version in MP)

Nonetheless, I am fresh out of ideas and energy with this baby so I am keen to see what 3DR have to say.

Well I called the support line (during business hours) and got an out of hours recording LOL.  

Then I sent the support team a email describing the problem and requesting that someone get in touch with me....still waiting.  

The adventure continues....


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