Dear all, I went to 3DR site and most items are tag with out of stock or discontinue, can anyone advise how can I still purchase, many thanks

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I have a complete set of used motors that I unnecessarily replaced trying to fix another issue. Fry's should have props, but might I suggest an upgrade to Carbon Fiber from a local hobby shop or ebay. Ebay also has arms.


Thanks kelly, carbon fiber is a better option? U can email me separately for the motors, thanks

I am selling my iris+ and all the spare parts I purchased from 3dr: 

iris+ - well used

4 pairs of new props

2 pairs used props

3 arms (2 black and 1 blue)

1 set of long legs - used

1 set of short legs - new

1 gimbal for the iris+ - well used

1 go pro silver

1 fpv black pearl kit with sun shade - only used a couple of times. 

The iris+ has been in several crashes. Currently there is a problem with the range only being 50 m or so when the rc complains that the signal is being lost. Also I have rebuilt the gimbal several times but it does still work. 


Let me know what you would like. 


Hi Dave,

You can contact me to see how much you are willing to let go.

I forced with that problem too and decided to do something with it.

Join me:

It will be great from you to assist in this project.


hi Dave, are you still selling?

I have still various IRIS+ parts in stock

hi Dave

Can you, please,  send me the prices to ?

All those items are still available on the 3DR store

Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. However I did purchase it on the last week but however my order was cancel due to paying visa and support mention that my address was invalid for some reason, I was rather disappointed after that cause I no longer can order all my motors replacement. I don't see anymore motors which I need, thanks for your reply

I just ordered arms and props. Couple weeks ago the arms were showing as discontinued. Would like a couple spare motors. It'a good bird and I like flying it. I tend to hide at the club field when I fly these days. The public perception has changed at an alarming rate.



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