Dear all, I went to 3DR site and most items are tag with out of stock or discontinue, can anyone advise how can I still purchase, many thanks

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I've bought just about everything on Amazon. 

Also, the motors are 920kV Tiger motors, so they're available elsewhere, or you can just get another brand with the same rating.

There's this pretty interesting article about different props, as well:

To all looking for Iris + parts:

We do have many Iris + parts to include arms, legs, motors, esc, props, and actual Iris + vehicles in stock. Some of which are on our store

Some of these parts are not listed but we do have some stock. If you have parts you are looking for and they are not listed please email us at

Hope we can help


Bill D.

i have talked with Mr. Vu about the site needing updated and sold out stuff to be removed, but it seems that it has not been done yet for some reason..

Hi Dave,

Interested in the Iris+

Was going to PM you and sent friend request.


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