I needed to take some video around noon and was getting high HDOP

The IRIS was sitting on the ground for about 5 minutes and when I went to unplug the battery

and reboot noticed that the top was hot.

I normally fly a dawn and just before sunset and found if my house is warmer than out side

 get a better start up and less drift if the Iris is outside for 15 minutes before powering up.

Just an observation that now is a ritual with me.

It just seems that if the top of the iris was white the electronics would be cooler in the day.

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I flew again today, and now I think I was wrong about my temperatures. I'm getting a lot of spikes and dropouts in my data, so the scaling was messed up in Mission Planner. When I zoomed in on parts without spikes, the temp is more like 44-46C (111-115F), which is much better than I was getting before.

Now I just need to find out why I'm getting these spikes. Is it the crappy HK Pixhawk, or my crappy installation of it? In any case, they don't seem to affect the flying at all.

Compatible Pixhawk from HK?   Hmm, does anyone know where 3DR sources their Pixhawk manufacture?  In their own plant in Tijuana? or China?

why not just spray it white? non metallic


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