About 3D Robotics:
We're North America's largest personal drone company, known for pioneering advanced and easy-to-use consumer drone technology, and for the Pixhawk, the world's most popular autopilot platform. We're also an all-around awesome, super exciting place to work. Help us define the next wave of flying machines! These products are totally changing the way we see our world, understand our environment, and get things done. THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS HAPPENING ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW - JOIN US! ALL CAPS!

Yes, this is a position in a startup!

If curiosity, resilience and clear sense of individual responsibility get you going, please continue reading. You’ll find and we expect a sense of truthfulness (towards oneself, each other and reality, learned the hard way), being demanding (is this the best you can do?), extensiveness (have fun really grasping things in their entirety) and kindness (be tough on problems, not people).

The Role:
We're seeking a talented Lead Mechanical Engineer to help us create a top secret exciting new product - and define our future products. We expect you to have experience in both manufacturing and design. We're looking for candidates who have proven expertise in creating well-designed, robust, and delightful systems in consumer products (did you work on a smartphone? how about the roomba? an electric car? wow us with the incredible things you've done!), an ability to quickly improvise and iterate, and a passion for building innovative technologies - and building flyingrobots.

Want more details? Throughout the product design lifecycle, you will:
* Work closely with our ID team to make working prototypes using our internal lab tools (yes, we have a3d printer, and more!) or outside vendors
* Contribute to the "look and feel" of the design from a performance point of view
* Work with our UX team to iterate on design and make sure everything is perfect, especially from a technical feasibility perspective
* Design test rigs for your work that can scale to mass production
* Continue defining your role as we grow!

Our Ideal Candidate has:
* 5+ years mechanical engineering experience - enough so that you've been through at least one product life cycle end-to-end. Bonus points for more!
* An undergraduate degree in ME or similar (multidisciplinary, weird minors, and circuitous careers a plus)
* Experience with complex CAD (Solidworks) projects
* Experience working with consumer products
* Specialization in both design and manufacturing, and maybe even robotics
* On the design side, you're familiar with things like:
-- motors, gears and electromechanical systems
-- wireless and antenna enclosure considerations
-- connector strategies (ZIF, USB, and so on)
-- sensors (hall, IR, temperature, and so on)
* On the manufacturing side, you're familiar with things like:
-- design for injection molding in high volumes and high quality (IML, IMD, and so forth)
-- other manufacturing methods, including die casting; CNC machining (as either primary or secondary ops process); compression molding, roto-molding, blow-molding; power metal parts and MIM; extrusions of both plastic and metal; and laser-cutting
-- Finishing techniques (painting, coatings)
-- Assembly strategies (threaded inserts, adhesives, heat-staking, snaps, and so forth)

Bonus Points for:
* Being awesome at rapid prototyping
* Being very familiar with FEA
* Soft goods material processing
* Embedded development
* UX experiments
* Being pro-active, detailed, communicative and organized - you take pride in your work

Why you should work here:
* We'll trust you to do things right
* You'd be getting in early in a company going through a massive inflection point
* You'll feel satisfied that you're creating something that people love
* We are working on something awesome! Join us!
* We'll pay you a competitive salary plus equity, along with all the traditional benefits and some not-so-traditional ones, like a vacation policy that's on the honor system

If interested, please apply here: http://grnh.se/esk4hi

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