Hi all just wondering if there is interest in doing a fall get together for some fun flying and technical exchange?  I'm in southern/central NH and can host flying, camping and provide a space for tech talks.  Would anyone be interested in such a gathering?  Let's get this rolling and see who is in!  

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Count me in! I live in Southern NH and use my drone for archaeological mapping and GIS modeling. It would be fun to meet up. Thanks,


Great, thanks for the reply Peter.  I'd love to hear more about your archaeological work.  The goal of this is to get like minded folks together to share information, have fun and hopefully benefit the group.

For more information, I live in Northwood NH close to rte 4 and my back yard is a 12 acre pasture.  I'm thinking some time in the 1st or 2nd week in October for dates as the cold and wind will start to become a factor.  I'm sharing this post with some colleagues today to hopefully drum up aome more interest.

I also forgot to mention that the tentative plan in a Friday-Sunday schedule.  Most of us have full time jobs and other obligations, so hopefully that gives us the best chance for a big crowd!



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