A Place to post and discuss Deliverable 1 for the Outback Challenge please share! for not just  people competing this year but for those competing in the future!

Deliverable 1:

Deliverable 1 should demonstrate understanding and compliance with the UAV Challenge Medical Express

rules by describing a system that complies with the rules and explaining how it will meet the safety

requirements set out in the rules. The document should refer to the rules where applicable rather than

“cut and paste” of large sections. While a detailed description of the platform/s is interesting, it should not

be at the expense of ensuring that the Technical Committee can assess compliance and safety.

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Hi JB,

On the RFD900,try using a ppp connection.  It has worked for us so far, we have both MAVLink telemetry data and other data (ssh connection - flaky due to TCP/IP issues - will be looking at a normal tty as a fall back and a udp file copier).  I was pleasantly surprised to find it injects the Mavlink RSSI in (so you get the radio RSSI not the 100% from Pixhawk to Mini PC reading).  We have only tested to 2km so far and it works well.  We will try a longer range test (10-15km) in the next few weeks.




Just to be clear that is a PPP connection on the companion PC that is connected to the RFD900 via a serial link (I use a serial TTL adapter) and a serial connection to the telemetry port on the Pixhawk.  Should be all the hint you need to get it working.


Hi Chris 

Thanks for the info I'll pass it on to our comms guy. If I may ask what are you using on the air end to inject the image data into the telemetry stream?


Hi JB,

The PPP link means that I have a IP address on both sides, it means that I can push image data using a UDP file copier as TCP seems to crap out due to packet loss.  I also seem to be able to maintain a semi stable SSH link which I run apps using a program called screen which means that if i need to reconnect i can return to where I was before the link went down.  The telemetry data is just sent from MavProxy on an ODROID (connected to Pixhawk) via UDP to my linux VM running on my Notebook with the other RFD900+ on it.

So the telemetry data is the one being carried by the PPP link, I was very impressed that the RFD900 analyses the data going across recognises it's MAVLInk and injects the RSSI data.

Hope that makes sense.




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