Same as with the Deliverable 2 discussion, feel free to post any D3 videos or reports you find here.

The current list (thanks Adam & JB):

1) Canberra UAV:

2) UNSW Canberra UAV Team:

3) West Coast UAV:

4) Monash UAS:

5) AKL Jetstream:

6) PerthUAV:

7) iSAAC Lab:

8) KNA MelAvio:

[Hopefully more to follow]

YouTube playlist courtesy of JB:

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Another one to add to your collection:
5) AKL Jetstream:

Currently we haven't found any more, 50 minutes to go for any teams left to submit

You can add the PerthUAV one to the list as well please:

BTW Here's a playlist. I'll add more as they come through.

I found two more:

A nice heli from ISAAC UAV:

and Melavio with a black X8 wing and quadplane:

They're also on the playlist.


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