I need to know about confirmed operation....

In other words.... When I switch flight modes, How do I Know if it actually does????

My Taranis is telling my it's changing but I would like some kind of feed back from the model that the mode I select is armed....

Is this possible?

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If you have a Pixhawk with 3.3+ and the buzzer connected the it beeps to confirm the mode change.

Yes, it is possible using the telemetry feedback, and the modes, battery and much more parameters are displayed on the screen. You do need just APM MavLink converter.

I have good experience with that one, and it performing very well. Just add the board between the Pixhawk and the X8R, and download the script in the Taranis. Then new two screen appear, where all parameters are visible, audible, etc.

You may be interested in ScottFlys' posts on this subject over at RCGroups.It's an extension of his Teensy telemetry mod for MAVlink/Taranis which does telemetry,LEDs, and sound.It does what you are asking for.There is a link in the post to the Teensy mod.


Why not use logical switches and wav files?

I use the S3 switch with voice confirmation.

The logical switches can be set to inform for the commands sent to drone. But those do not get feedback from the controller, what mode actually was set. The telemetry feedback avoids a lot of faults with battery management, RSSI etc.

It is not important what kind of MavLink telemetry is used, all provide similar additional information and reliability of the system.

I use 3DR telemetry radios.

You can connect the ground radio to a laptop and run Mission Planner, or you can connect it to an OTG enabled android device like a smartphone and run Tower

Did you confirm operations in MP when you setup your flight modes?
Also pixhawk will beep when flight modes are changed and MP will also give you audio and visual confirmation.

Telemetry radios do have different role. To look on second, side positioned screen and check the critical information sometimes is non possible, even dangerous for the pilot.

It is best to have all inside the Taranis screen and audio reports. You can have info in programmable audio reports and warnings - flight modes, height info, battery info, etc.

The telemetry radios are good for second, redundancy link and for the auto programming.

When the drone is 1 km or 500m away, you cannot listen the beeps, so I simply do not have beeper installed.

When controlling distant aircraft, you do not have time - and is really dangerous to look at any screen. I use only the Taranis audio for all needed info. Wear earphones all the time, to have clear sound.

It should beep at every mode change and if you have a GCC in use it will also show on there.

That is exactly why I used a ground radio connected to my smartphone.

At the time I was using a Fly Sky TH9X with a FrSky XJT TX module and an X8R receiver.  I modded the TH9X so I could attach a Walkera Type B phone holder to the antenna stub.

I used a short OTG cable to connect the 3DR radio to my phone and tucked it between the holder and the TH9X.  Later on I added an FPV monitor and I attached the 3DR to the sunshade.

With the phone in the holder I got audible alerts for flight mode changes, battery percentage, armed and disarmed alerts, and GPS lock alerts.


Paul.They do beep at each mode change but the OP wanted confirmation from MAVlink that the mode change had been accepted by the FC.Like the OP I have my Taranis programmed to voice mode changes from the switches which is an entirely different thing.I shall be instigating the MAVlink powered messages when I get around to it for peace of mind although I've never had a cause to doubt the Taranis voice messages yet.It's just powered by MAVlink you will know that the mode change has actually happened.


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