There is talk out there on the Airwaves of Jamming Signals to Drones to knock them out of Sky, I for one can't see this.

If you have a Failsafe programmed into Pixhawk to come home RTL if signal is lost or jammed from RC Radio to Copter.

Again I can't see this, What do you say ?

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If you are asking if the RTH will work if they block the Rf, yes the copter will return to home.

Now if you are asking if they jam satellite signals along with Rf or hit them with EMF, , No they will fly away or hit the dirt.

Jam GPS frequencies.

Any frequency can be jammed. 

I haven't heard of this where did you do you have a link?

It's not as easy as you may think.

Any kind of jamming is dangerous and in most countries completely illegal.  The only methods I've seen involve nets to tangle the props or soundwaves to confuse the accelerometers.

Jamming is a big issue among the ham radio operators.  I got a ham license due to the immersion video tx.

I have learned that most local ham radio clubs usually has an active group that can and will search to identify the source of intentional jamming.  Perhaps you could reach out to them, usually they are interested and ready to engage.

Once identified a complaint can be made to the FCC, perhaps they will do something.  Or you could be a vigilantly.

Just my two cents.

The Pixhawk specs say it's a 168 MHz CPU, and it's certainly not shielded. Unless the code reduces that speed, a strong enough signal near that frequency could make the CPU stop working, probably just a reset. Unless your ESCs have a failsafe mode, you could expect it to drop from flight.

Remember that if you are implying jamming the GPS these systems use, thats the same ssytem the general population uses. The FCC will be very weary of allowing jamming on such frequencies for counter-UAS measures. I'd be skeptical since these aircraft fly on common frequencies, and with the advent of spread spectrum and fail-safe they are much harder to take down than back in the analog RC days.

What many tend to overlook is Def Con and other mischievous walking human debris don't care about laws and other's hard earned money. They are perfectly content with taking over your flying robot, steal it or simply cause it to fly away or crash. Then they come back and say they actually did you a good service. 


Reformed 20 years

Anyway, here's an example:

This can be done with many new fly-by-wire vehicles as well.

But remember, your medical records are safe with the government.

Well I have come to conclusions that if my drone can be knocked out of the sky, I'm going to put a Dog Tracker on my Hexicopter and try and find it before the bad guys do.

Just turn on my smart phone and start tracking real fast.

Black Dart is an army program and they have ways of taking down small drones and using non kenetic methods.


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