I noticed the shipping dated has slipped twice. Anyone received theres yet from Tijuana?

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This is the eMail I received today:

Thank you for pre-ordering our next generation flight controller, Pixhawk Mini.  We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible.  With that, we have delayed shipment of Pixhawk Mini so that we can give you the latest, most stable code.  

We are working closely with the PX4 team to sprint to a release date.  The current estimate is the first week of December, with the hopes that we can bring in that date much closer.  We will notify you if anything changes.  

Thank you for choosing 3DR and Pixhawk Mini.

Happy flying,

Vu Tran
VP, Operations

They are not coming from Tijuana. As far as we know, they are made by Holypro in China, same company that makes stuff for Hobbyking.

Seems like good reliable Vu Tran still there after all this years..........

Thanks all!


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