New to all of this Drones, I have a S-500 Drone. need help Missing Electronics ???? Pixhawk 100% ????

I am Gene S.

I am putting together  ( S-500 ) carbon fiber Drone My first do-it self,  I got a Pixhawk GPS SE 100 kit., A  DragonRider Dark, FPV Tranmitter 5.8GHz. 40 Ch.+ 2 5.8 Antennas Set. + I have 90% of the mounts wires, Will one you know more I Do tell I am missing? I have my motors, ESC, Props 10.5", I need to know the rest of Electronics I need ? to get before I start putting all together? I have a Fly Sky, 6ch. transmitter, FS-T6, & receiver.   SOME HELP?  With Some Info on I am missing ?  I like to get a setup get it come back on one button return setup?  do I need to get I have some of the parts tell Me the rest of the parts A list of them ? ? If one of you have a look I have now tell is Missing to make it start up FLY IT.  I be Happy. just to get this far  ?

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battery wires and/or current/voltage sensor,

power distribution board and maybe another voltage regulator board if you need 5v for cameras and don't want to run them off of the pixhawk's power.

ESC's, motors, props.

Pixhawk, GPS

Data transmitter if you plan to monitor it on a PC or Android

Video camera, video On Screen Display (OSD), video transmitter, video receiver, video monitor and battery

If you have a second camera, then, camera#2, gimbal, video switcher.




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