Radio calibration page see's full right yaw input but pixhawk doesn't or barely responds. If somebody could look at this log I would really appreciate it. 

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Hi Richard; I too have the same problem. After loading  firmware I cannot get it to do anything in Loiter mode. In Stabilize mode I have full control. RTL does not work and is the same as Loiter Mode. No pitch Yaw and some what limited throttle. I've been pouring over my params and cannot see anything wrong. If  you have a solution, please share...

Point your AC in loiter mode then use the "Point camera here" or "Guided" mode to see if it points towards the wav point. Make sure you make your selection off the right hand wide of the AC so it will have to turn right.

will do

I don t really have the space at the moment to try that. If I do though and it works that would confirm it's not mechanical I guess? I don't think it is it flew fine without problems until I reinstalled the firmware because of another issue.

Just confirmed I have the same issue in stab mode so maybe not the same issue as you. Frustrating!! What really bites is the only reason I reinstalled the FW was because I was having an issue with throttle fail safe. Reinstalling the firmware did not correct the problem it simply created a new one! 

So today I installed 'plane' then copter again just to make sure everything was starting from scratch. Same thing very very little right yaw lots of left. This things about to be a book end... not flyable now and I have absolutely no idea what to change. Sure seems like if it was an esc or motor it would effect other aspect of flight right? If it was my TX then I would see that in the radio calibration page which I don't.. equal throws both ways. I don't get it.. This pix, copters, motors, esc's, the whole 9 yards has flown 3.2 for months no problem. I wonder if I dare do auto tune? But 3.2 doesn't do yaw in auto tune that new to 3.3 right? 

Ok here is my issue. I upgraded firmware and now all I have is a very limited throttle. No Pitch, No Yaw, Left or Right. Just limited throttle in RTL and Loiter Modes. I have set RTL altitude to zero (0) and all the other settings for RTL altitude are set to zero because as I switch modes from  Loiter to RTL the motors would spin up at full RPM and no control whatsoever. Even when I attempted to lower the throttle, nothing  just full RPM I had to switch back to Stabilize and then I could have control of my bird. Also It takes minutes to obtain a 3D GPS. I have ordered a new compass and gps. Hope this helps. But given the issues with the GPS should not have anything to do with the control in all three axis. So back to the drawing board. As of right now I've not had a 3D FIX in over 10 minutes. Richard if you find out anything please let me know... and vice versa ....jim

Don't try autotune if your copter don't flies reasonbility perhaps you crash

Is like a mechanical problem? your desired yaw doesn't follow your yaw one time, the others works well? is like yes in your log, be sure your props are well fix, your motors or your esc., thinking, If you remove your props and try to yaw on the floor to see if something go bad?



I wish I knew how to read logs like that!! Are you looking at RC IN and RC OUT? It really does seem like something mechanical. I am heading up north [ a common Michigan phrase ] where I have much more room I will try stab mode and full throttle if it goes straight up without yawing I'd say I can rule out Mechanical issues. 

There is the attitude, it shows what you do and what the controller do, you try to yaw right but the controller continues doing nothing. I'm not an expert but I can help you to learn the little I know.

In your flight are you trying to yaw both ways? RCIN->CH4 looks like you are only yawing one way.

Either way you have some issues with this setup as ErrYaw gets all the way up to 0.9.

Oh yea... both ways.


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