Radio calibration page see's full right yaw input but pixhawk doesn't or barely responds. If somebody could look at this log I would really appreciate it. 

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Seems like RC issue then at CH4 rarely goes below 1500. What MIN/MAX does MP planner detect?

892-2006 is the range shown on ch 4 in APM Planner [ Mac user ]

Do you see full movement on the radio calibration page? That's the real head scratcher with me it looks like the TX and RX are working fine with full throws all channels yet very very limited right yaw control. As Cala was kind enough to point out the log shows RC in okay but the yaw doesn't change... ggrrrrrr 

I wonder if it's some weird S bus issue. Are you using S bus? I might try and rest my Tranis RX when I get home. Nothing to lose...

2 o clock and 8 o clock motors are warmer than the other two. Flight time seems less too. I wonder if my all in one esc is on the way out? 

Resetting RX didn't do anything 

Thanks Cala

Are you saying the pixhawk is calling for right yaw when RC in is calling for that? So it's telling the motors to respond but they don't? So we know it's not the pixhawk or firmware? The two motors that would need to throttle up to yaw right are warmer after a flight than the other two. So I'm starting to think I have a bad all-in-one ESC what do you think? Make sense? 

Seems a not unreasonable diagnosis. If you are still having issues can you try capturing a log where you take off and hover, then full right yaw until you've done 360 and then full left again to 360 and then land. Might make it a little easier to read the log. If it used to work what changed?

re- If it used to work what changed?

That's the million dollar question. I'll post a new log.

Here's a very short and to the point log. I powered up waited for sat lock and took off in alt hold. It immediately yawed left on it's own about 180 degrees or more before stopping. I gave full clockwise yaw for at least 2-3 seconds which is the time it took to do one revolution. {I did have to adjust for drift a bit also ] counter clockwise is 1 seconds maybe even less. What I would like to know is....when I command full clockwise yaw does the pixhawk give full clockwise to the motors? if it is then it's motors or esc's. If it's not it's a problem with the pixhawk or firmware. 


mmm.... It's strange for me now, your yaw and des yaw looks well now, as if the copter respond to radiocontrol?

but your pitch looks horrible

Your Yaw trim?

this is for an expert analyze to help

your vibs are impressive good :O . How you mounted your Pix?


I had to pitch to avoid collision. Does the left yaw and right yaw look the same? Because in flight I have almost no right / clock-wise yaw. Damn... I'm getting nowhere :[ On that top graph you posted is that RC in and RC out? They seem to follow each other as expected? But what about actual yaw vs commanded yaw? We need to see how full right and left yaw compares with the compass yaw. I don't know how to do that. 

I've never seen any difference how a pixhawk is mounted really. If the frame is rigid and the props are balanced it does't seem to matter much how it's held on. I've had a test quad holding the pixhawk on with zip ties fly good!  But right now I have mine mounted on 4 pieces of that green jell pad. 

Thanks Cala

Okay I know see that graph is requested yaw and actual yaw. How can you tell which is right and which is left in that graph? Where is neutral yaw? Thx

Andy posted that it looked like RCIN rarely goes below 1500 yet APM P radio calibration page shows 892-2006. So it seems there is some issue with that not registering with the controller. Yet it shows on the radio calibration page so what the heck does that mean??!! 



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