I am able to arm the Pixhawk both through telemetry and transmitter - the diode is solid green and pre arm check is successful. Unfortunately motors do not respond to throttle and do not spin at all.

Things I tried:

 - I have calibrated my RC and ensured that throttle is not reversed. Pixhawk is interpreting signals correctly.

- I have performed ESC calibration by connecting each ESC directly to the receiver PWM (I did not use pixhawk all at once calibration because for some reason it did not work for me). 

 - I have connected the motors directly to the receivers PWM and motor responded correctly.

 - I tried Motor Test feature in Mission Planner, but motors did not respond to any throttle level. 

- I noted that Pixhawk does not beep after safety button press  (button turns solid red tough as expected).

I have no idea how to proceed. Do you have any suggestions?

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What firmware are you running on the ESCs?

Have you checked the throttle settings in full parameters?  I have read in the wicki (cant find it now) that the max throttle default setting is way to low and requires you to set a much higher value, perhaps the setting is to low to start your motors.

I'll check later and see if I can be more specific.

Also, I would be uncomfortable if the ESC's wont calibrate in the "all at once" method with the pixhawk and your radio, if you can solve that problem then I bet you will have some success. 

i've read your thread and i've the same problem, after all this time have you solved? I really don't know what to do.



I've been banging my head against a wall for a couple of hours... stumbled on your post while reading out of utter frustration... face palmed... went back to the bench and, viola...

Plug in them motors the right way, and they work much much better. I feel like an idiot. 


Hye dear. same problem faced. Just check SERVO9_FUNCTION in full parameter list set 33
servo10 - 34

I think your [robem will be solved


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