A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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BYOD or UMTech?

It's a pity if it's true. I would rather not buy copies from HK or fleabay and I don't really want to be a continuous guinea pig for the new starters coming. 

What other options are there?

BYOD (Mike Inwood) said this. Although he later said he "would like to speak to them direct before confirming".

I hope it's not true - I'm using mine on fixed wing so there is no alternative as far as I know.

Assuming that there's a rational decision-maker at 3DR - and i do really think that this is the case - a "keep or drop" evaluation occurred. Tipically a product is discontinued because:

1) it is no longer profitable (or the total income from that product is very low if compared to other products).
2) it is getting obsolete - new and more performing products are coming to the market to replace the old one
3) it is no longer inline with the strategy of the company, and/or marketing positioning.

I think that:

1) Pixhawk is obviously profitable.

2) Pixhawk 2 is the new product, already integrated by 3DR into Solo (btw Solo is amazing, I love it).

3) Pixhawk is "DIY" and 3DR is shifting to a more closed environment (E.g.: many spare parts are not available any more on the store) and to services.

Other things (e.g.: legal) may influence the discontinuation of a product. On the other hand, Pixhawk is strongly associated with 3DR brand - if you say "3DR" you think in order to: "Quad with blue arms", "Pixhawk", "Solo".

Take a look at these links below.  Probably you'll consider to use one of them in case Pixhawk is discontinued.

They use the same software as Pixhawk.

Also VR Brain from Virtual Robotix is an amazing alternative!
I do strongly suggest it as preferred alternative.

VR Brain has been around for a while. I would try that.

My issue with the RPi offerings is the size. Real-estate on most airborne platforms is at a premium.  

There is no more 3DR Pixhawk, but it is not big trouble - there are enough EU/US and Chinese good quality products.

I have personal good experience with the AUAV-X2, RCTimer Fixhawk and the Pixraptor.

All those got very good board and soldering quality, not any issues in flight.

Has anyone spoken directly to 3DR as opposed to posting internet rumors? Given their position on the new Drone Coalition, I don't think they are having any issues. 

wha?! and get the truth? noooo, "the internet said so" :p

First, Pixhawk is not in Solo, pixhawk 2 is, additionally, there is very little difference in the Hk version, versus the Version 3DR sold, in fact, in many ways, Its better, the silicone cables, provided with the HK version, are far better then the cables in the oem, version. The df13 connectors of the cables in the oem kit, tore out many a socket on pixhawk. Then, there is the ability, to select, 7n, 7m, or m8n gps modules when buying the hobby king version. I don't think you'll see any shortage of pixhawk anytime soon.

Except HK is out of stock and has been for quite some time...  'Seems like we're already experiencing a shortage?

Could not find any vrbrain fc in their site. They also seem to move to complete solutions and quit selling parts? Isn't this a strategy now to kill the DIY integrators and force people buying assembled systems (at a high premium price)?


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