Hello friends,

I want to run a python scrip on onboard companion computer to trigger the servo motor switch which is connected to pixhawk.

Any ideas on how can I do it?


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Check this out, it may be what you need.

Servo Trigger

@Jimmy Oliver

Thank you for your time and input. But I am looking for python code that will trigger servo motor, which is not connected to Raspberry Pi. Lets say it is connected to Pixhawk or Orbitty Carrier Board. I want to run the python script on Nvidia Jetson Tx2 which is connected to Orbitty Carrier Board and Servo motor is connected to Orbitty Carrier Board.

I want to run the python script to fire the servo motor. Is there anything you can suggest?

Try RC Channel Override using Dronekit python.

You can easily override any channels with your PWM input value and communication from RPi - Pixhawk - Servo Motor is possible. You can use either RPi or TX series.



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