Is there a best way, (secret way?) to remove the switch, buzzer and other plugs from their sockets in a Pixhawk? Pulling on the skinny little wires seems like a bad idea. I've tried leveraging a knife blade beneath the plug and then twisting...this works sometimes, but I've also slipped and hit the wires with the cutting edge. Small forceps might be another option. What are other people doing to free their plugs?

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Spudger or finger nail

See docs for more info on the connector

Your fingernail is best tool. Yes there some "secret" moves to take it out properly. I have on my old Google+ page nice illustration of removal.

Here is the picture:

On pixhawk, keep front of the pixhawk facing towards you (arrow pointing towards you). Place your fingernail on the small gap between connector housing and PCB connector, press from center of the connector slightly backwards and pop out the connector.

To make it easier, you can slightly turn your finger to pop either left or right lock out first.. I mean slightly :)

Connector comes out really easily when you won't break anything.

That's why we've moved to pixhack. Those df13, specific those grey ones, are so hard to undo. Even if you're somehow able to wedge something between the two layers of plastic, pulling upward saves the wires, but can rip the connector off the pcb!

Use the thin side of a USB plug

suggestion: Put the fingernail under the small edge of the plug and with a *scratch* movement 40° up - (opposite to the flight direction arrow on the PixHawk) -  it comes out easy with no problem nor damage.  :)


You can use this type of screwdriver and remove them as suggested above (from the bottom of the DF13 with a slight angle of removal).

I think it's the easiest way.


Thanks for the useful responses. These will help. This is definitely a place where the next generation of Pixhawk could be improved.

I just recived my new Pixracer with the newer plugs and they look much easier to unplug with a clip

Have a look on ebay for a 'screen tool'.  They are a plastic tool which cost a few bucks and a perfect size to get under the connector and lift it safely.

eg..  The tool on the right in this kit:

Thanks again for the replies. I was doing some reconfiging the other night and decided that, "the safest way" was just not to remove the teeny tiny switch and buzzer connector, have a designated switch/buzzer for each Pixhawk and keep it attached. The power and GPS connectors do seem easier to unsnap.


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