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Bad Compass Health

I'm having a problem with a Pixhawk that came with a 3DR DIY 4X kit. APM Planner is reporting "Bad Compass Health". The compass is an external uBlox GPS combo that came with the kit.

I've tried several solutions that include,

-running APM Planner with

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px4 and camera trigger

hi folks, 

need some help pls, i am totally frustrated, because i am not able to get the trigger function from px4 working.

my envirement :

original 3dr px 4 - current firmware 
camera sony nex 7
shutter gentLED-shutterPLUS ( 039 ) for sony nex 7
shutter o

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back up power

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if it is possible to configure servo rail for back up power, I have read this sentence on this wiki page and the real matter is that I can't really figure out how can I configure this feature.

To be honest the word conf

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Intelligent follow algorithm

Hi All,

I need to implement a follow algorithm so that the UAV follows a test car using the GPS data it receives through the Car-to-X module. The goal is to follow the car and produce good quality video recording of the car and it's surroundings. I am

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Facing problems while calibration

I am currently building a H drone as my college project but while calibrating my pixhawk from mission planner , i am unable to calibrate my transmitter as no green bars are appearing on calibration page. And I am unable to calibrate the accelerometer

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