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Drift Mode Problem

Hi..... looking for some guidance or help with my drift mode problem on my quad 500.

Decided to start using this mode. When I switch to drift mode the motors die and we have a quad bouncing on the ground.

Althold and Poshold which are the ones I have b

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Pixhawk Stabilize problem

Hi, I have a problem that when i switch to Stabilize mode, my glider is ok for a few seconds, then goes out of control.
I.e. it starts to bank heavily, flaps about and dives for the ground. I have avoided a crash by flicking back to manual to gain con

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Pixhawk for Jet turbine plane


Soon I will start to fly my Skyrunner 300+ mounted with Wren 44+ turbine . I have been flying pixhawk for a while on Drone , FPV plane (skywalker, FX 61 long range) but never at hight speed.

Any tips would be great....the first challenge will be to

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