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  • I believe this is correct. Nothing worse than having an issue or blown component for something silly... been there done that. Not sure the best place to post so I put it here. It wouldn't show up in a search so maybe a new topic is better.


  • I'm almost certain this very commonly found pinout of the pixhawk is incorrect FYI


  • The POWER of the RC port is different than the Servo Rail, There appears to be a 350mA resettable fuse on it.

  • The RC port should not be used for telemetry.

    The RC port is used for SBUS, PPM signals , it is a IN port not a OUT port.

  • i all been browsing for days and cant fine a answer 

    on the pixhawk is it ok to pull 5V 175 mAh of the RC port to drive a telemetry receiver  

    on full load up to 200mAh

  • I had a PIXHAWK  flyaway few months back , crashed into a tree ,no damage , However , we had no control at all. RTH and geofence and all other fail. to respond . I have the sd card ready to upload files to the site here if any one wants to figure what went wrong

    What files do I upload,, all ?

    Thanks Michael

  • Just a bit of an update on my gps issues. The maps supplied in Mission planner are giving different readings to Google Earth Pro. It is the maps or the set up of those maps in Mission Planner that appears to be the problem. Can the maps list in mission planner be updated or the setting altered to correct this discrepancy?

  • Well, finally the weather has broken and I've just returned from the field after trying to sort out the GPS discrepancy I'm getting between my iPhone and my Pixhawk drones. Nothing has changed, so it doesn't appear to be the likes of multipathing. I've just dug the hole I'm in even deeper because I've just updated Missionplanner and I see a whole lot more features than were there before, and I now can't make head or tails out of the limited ability I had when it comes to reading logs. Would someone be so kind as to have a look at the last logs I've downloaded? Apart from the gps issues, I'm also concerned about the vibration level. It used to be almost perfect but I've just added some landing skids and I think they may be amplifying the small vibes I had.

    I've now got to get to grips with what SBAS is so I can make alterations there if required.

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  • Yes that solves it! Thank you all  for the help!

  • git clone

    cd ardupilot

    git checkout Copter-3.3.1

    And you can see all the tags to checkout with "git tag -l"

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