Hello All,

    Had a pretty rough go of it today. We were flying at 8-10 feet today, doing a little tuning in stabilize mode. Craft was looking more stable than it ever has. Entered forward flight, came to a stop in a hover at about 8 feet. Suddenly craft pitched back oscillated heavily for a bit, then crashed upside down. In the Log it says ERR: RADIO-2. It also FSed into land mode, which is what crashed it. Was working on PID settings to transfer to the other flight modes. I cant find any information as to what ERR: RADIO-2 means. The ArduPilot wiki shows an error 0 and 1 for the radio subsystem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


                        Jon Turner

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Hello Jon,

Sorry to hear that, 40" rotors eh, just as long as you have all your apendages. I too cannot find any reference to this error code, and I intend to maiden at the weekend. The only thing that springs to mind is the obvious i'm afraid. 

The only time I had a similar experience, was with the original 3DR Quad, and that was down to it not arming correctly.

Randy has posted the following in reply to another users issues, but it may well be of help to you Jon...9th Message down.



Thanks Richard,

No-one bled from this crash,fortunately. Our rx is not a carbon type rx, and it is fully enclosed by carbon when facing away. Apparently 150 ft is where it loses signal. Investing in a proper rx... Rebuilding and continuing testing...


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