Hi! Quick introduction. I just recently acquired my APM2 unit set it up on a Hexacopter.

Here are recent videos of my flight.



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Hi Weelian,

Nice setup! I fly a stock DJI 450 with the APM2, recently upgraded to the Ublox GPS (what an improvement!!). It took me more than a week but I think I've more or less ironed out the settings to get me a very stable flight especially on automode.

I've been contemplating on building a microquad (that runs off the APM2 board, I'm hoping to keep it at 20cm width max.. not sure if it'll be possible...

Okay happy flying, don't see many multicopters out in the field.. :(

Just got an IRIS+ and staying in Singapore. First simple flights were very successful, all at night. Waiting for the weekend to try out more stuff like auto missions.


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