Well this was a lot of fun. So far I have only the autopilot gear loaded. I'm going to test fly by doing some missions before I put in the video camera and transmitter. Here are a few pic's. I've painted almost all of the plane with standard primer and did the tips, nose cone and hatch Red for visibility. The underside of the tips are white. I feel the primer adds a little extra durability to the plane. It's just a tad bit harder to make finger impressions in the foam.

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Looks Great!!  I had to change my batteries around with the camera in the front.  The CG is way off in this configuration with the camera mounted.  I will be posting more on the build blog this week and it will have pictures of what I did with the batteries.  I wish the bays would have been molded a little wider so that they could accept standard 3s 5000 batteries sideways in the front or back bay.

  • The electronics are not all the way in here yet but you can see what I did with the batteries.  These are actually cut in to not come out but you can cut a little more where the batteries will rotate out.  But with the camera in the front I had to do this to get the cg correct.  I think on the competition plane we will make the entire top half of the fuselage a lid so that we can mount as many as 20000 mah in batteries.  This just has the Spektrum in for testing.  We will actually have a pixhawk for autopilot and Openlrs for the Rx.

Nice, I am watching your progress on the main blog thread.

One part I'm eagerly awaiting is the external USB connector. That should  really make it great. I won't have to move things around to connect up the Pixhawk..

Simon did mention we could remove a bunch of material to make room to mount items internally and still leave the strength of the plane in tact. I did have to lengthen the autopilot bay to get the pixhawk in with the servo cables.

Few questions..

1: Did you fly it yet with the Pixhawk?  How did it go if you have? (I just got mine in the mail today..  I also got the USB connector which will be handy)..

2:  Care to share you parameter file!? :)

3: I've not painted an EPO plane yet, what paint did you use?  did it stick well?


Hello, how did you calibrate your level? I am finding that I must have the bottom surface of the plane almost 20 degrees up before the FBWA mode will fly level. Otherwise, it will keep diving...


Have you tried recalibrating on a level surface? If for some reason that fails to work you could always calibrate it 20 degrees up....


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