3DR Solo+Gimbal, how to make gopro shoot photo downwards for autonomous mission

I would like to create orthomosaics and would like to know

(1) How to keep GoPro pointing downwards for the entire autonomous mission? 

(2) Can we use Tower app on android to control camera angle?

(3) What would enable automatic geotagging of the images in GoPro?

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I imagine there will be support for controlling the Solo gimbal specifically during missions at some point, but I would be surprised if it's there right now.

I'm running a different gimbal (Feiyu-Tech 3D) on my Solo, and I soldered a wire to terminal 14 on the motherboard to control its pitch. The controller paddle is mapped to RC6 (or RC9? Can't remember which), so normal RC controls are used to tilt the gimbal. That being the case, an auto mission can contain RC commands to send specific values to the gimbal at different points during the mission to set its pitch. 

That said, getting that gimbal to work decently on the Solo has been a chore. If there's a way to control the Solo gimbal, I think that would be a much easier option. Maybe there's a way to control the Solo gimbal with RC commands, in which case you're set. I have no experience with that however.


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