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What about the electromagnetic interference.... I have adapters for the Tarot, FeiYu Mini 3d and the steadygo3, all induce magnetic interference till the GPS comes on line.

Unknown. Not my mod. I just posted the links. Having said that, im not sure what you are saying regarding the magnetic interference. Should not be any bigger issue than it is on an Iris or any other drone.

We have tired a few popular gimbals, all give interference, the ONLY way to use it is to get it all stabilized on Solo, THEN attach the Gimbal, very tedious exercise.  Wish people would NOT post stuff they have Zero personal experience with just for the sake of it. Leads folk into a false sense of security.....  Especially those who have been working so hard to fin a viable solution.

Don't be ridiculous. How can you judge whether or not this mod is valid?

And last I checked, this is a Do It Yourself website where people share ideas and projects like this at every stage, from concept to prototype to finished article.

Oh darn, you mean it isn't a direct bolt-on substitute that won't void the warranty?

BTW, when is the official gimbal supposed to be released?

Any DIY modification of the Solo (or any other multicopter) will void the warranty. I think it's safe to say that for most DIYers on this site, that ship has sailed long ago.

Gimbal to ship in a couple weeks.
Why didnt you install a 3 axis gimble. same price as the tarrot, video much better. 195.00 for a DYS shipped. Plus you can spin it around 360 and videotape ur landing legs.

Or put it on a Phantom 3 to watch the cracks form in the motor mounts.


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