anyone have their gimbal yet?just heard not shipping til mid aug

I purchased mine in April, I just heard they not shipping til mid August now, for the 4th delay ive been told, Im so diaapointed with the release so far , pretty worthless without it, they rushed this one , hope it at least works not happy about the solo software no mission planning , not the best experience so far, would like to know how gimbal is performing if anyone has one.

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Its not really the 4th delay.  You just perceive it that way because of all the reports out there.  But those reports are just the blogosphere echo chamber ramping up into full product anticipation speculation.  

All I've ever heard 3DR say is that they expect to start shipping the gimbals at the end of July.  Its that simple.  It hasn't changed since the NAB15 announcement.

You can connect your Solo to Mission Planner and/or Tower if you want to.  3DR announced this functionality a couple of weeks ago.


awh cool Thanks Mike, I figured it was coming, and Erik I was personally told begining of July,mid july , end of July and Now mid aug by 3dr customer service

Personally told by who?

The company has had end of July on their website since they started shipping.

According to Paco (3dr rep) the gimbal is pushed back.

Of course, I don't personally know Paco and a 3DR rep could be mistaken, but this looks real:


I would think 3DR would release a statement if it was delayed again. Yes, it was said on another forum there was word it is being delayed again but there is nothing official on that.

Tower works very well with the Solo. I have used my Black Pearl monitor and the HDMI output on the controller for FPV while the Tower app runs the mission on my tablet. It's pretty nice.

Still waiting for mine anxiously. You're right Ian, trying to video from the frame mount is rather useless. The end result is an incredibly shaky and wobbly recording. Is anyone else experiencing this? The solo without a gimbal is equivalent to buying a new car with no seats. Guess we all have to sit on milk crates for few more weeks. :-/

It's been confirmed from multiple sources that it's at least the 3rd week in August. Someone in the know put it this way "no quantities until Labor Day". 

These are not rumors. 

Try balancing the props, and the motors if desired
Not trying to start a fight here, but you can't just say, "These are not rumors" and make it so.

You've got to produce at least 1 or 2 of those "multiple sources"

When it gets light during the day we know the sun is up.

Numerous people have words from 3DR customer service directly saying 3rd week of august or after. 

Since 3DR has misled and waiting until after the last minute for each one of these delays I have to wonder why you think their statements are the default proper ones? Doesn't the boy who cried wolf become suspect after a few times?

So, the 3DR customer service sources say at least 3rd week in Aug.

Another (better, IMHO) source says quantity after Labor Day.

Those two things are not exclusive to each other. I suspect even 3DR doesn't know when they are going to ship, so asking me to prove something is fruitless. 

Best guess is dribbles and betas over the next couple weeks and some insider and first customer models end Aug - and deliveries after Labor Day for more.

Of course, every person could be lying to me - making up fake chats with 3DR customer service or BSing that they are insiders, etc. - I didn't ask for proof of employment. 

Direct from 3DR Robotics Twitter Feed:
RE: Gimbals
(you can guess as to the shipping times, how many are in these "earliest preorders", etc.).

the earliest preorders will be fulfilled third week of August.

 Jul 24

Gimbals preordered from us today will ship in 6-8 wks...


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