anyone have their gimbal yet?just heard not shipping til mid aug

I purchased mine in April, I just heard they not shipping til mid August now, for the 4th delay ive been told, Im so diaapointed with the release so far , pretty worthless without it, they rushed this one , hope it at least works not happy about the solo software no mission planning , not the best experience so far, would like to know how gimbal is performing if anyone has one.

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Still waiting for your gimbles?? That sucks.....try one of these,,,


Let us know when you are flying.

I saw many of your rants against the Solo - so it appears you have the right to rant and others do not? This appears so because at some point you decided to stick with the mess. It doesn't mean that's the right course for others.

Anyway, I'm not on the interwebz to argue with you - however, I will point out that my "assumptions" turned out to be true and therefore you can be 20 again with some pills. Maybe it will freshen up the old noggin and you will start believing in seeing both sides of the coin again instead of only the one you happen to be facing at the moment. 

Useless ragging? Hmm....reading your old posts I think you seemed to be telling the general public to stay away from Solo. Yet you don't label your own opinions "rants". 

I actually have reasons for my research and statements - that is, I am a writer, journalist and consultant in this and other industries. What's your excuse? Oh, yeah, I remember - you are one of the mob with pitchforks who feel they have to defend what looks like a defective and delayed product.

Carry on - but I should mention your rants to me are useless. I believe in fruitful dialog and my earlier mention that gimbals are unlikely to be flown in the wild in any quantity until after Labor Day does seem truer than all the fan bois who post about watching their UPS tracking back in July. But - hey - you don't complain about those threads...oh, that's right, the guy who was posting that all over the interwebz decided to dump his Solo and get something that works! He is therefor now persona non-grata even though he gave it a chance for well over a month (his crashed and acted up....didn't sour due to lack of gimbal). 

You are misplacing your anger. Perhaps you should steer it toward 3DR for delivering a product which is not up to your standards?


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