3DR SOLO - How to Start and stop video on GoPro remotely

Okay...maybe I’m the dumbest drone pilot alive. Perhaps so dumb I don’t even know how to tie my own shoes. Maybe I can’t even breathe voluntarily.
But on the off chance I’m not alone, I think you should share how to control the on/off record function of a GoPro camera on a 3DR Solo.
Here's my breakdown:
First, this only works with the gimbal installed.
Second, make SURE you have the latest firmware installed on your GoPro.
Third, go into the phone’s setting and make sure the “save to camera roll” switch is turned OFF.

Done, done & done? Good.
Now, if you are looking for a button on your controller clearly marked “RECORD” you will not find it.
If you look for it in the manual. Not there either.
How about the training videos? Nada.
Or maybe the FAQs? (shaking head).
Perhaps you are supposed to use your powers of Telekinesis. Well, maybe...but I, myself, am not gifted as such.
To save everyone the trouble of having to call tech support (which I did to find out - they were great, btw):
you turn on and off the record by....
clicking the left paddle on the controller.
That’s correct.
You press IN the control that control’s the Gimbal’s up/down motion.
It’s on the forward face of the controller.
You’ll feel a slight click when you do.
Click ON. Click OFF.
That’s it.
TOTALLY obvious, right?
Ya, I thought so too.
Some videos or screen shots show a range of controls on screen that allow you to control the GoPros settings right from your phone.
Pretty cool, huh? Too bad of of this date they do not exist.
Anyway, you’re welcome.

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This doesn't work if you were unfortunate enough to believe the early and current marketing that you could use Solo with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver...

Broke down and ordered a GP Hero 4 Black... might send it off and get the rectilinear lens installed as well. In for a penny, in for a pound...

Ya.... that's how we felt about ordering the gimbal - a device that is critical to aerial videography. We go the 4Black as a backup in case out 3+black was damaged somehow during a super-critical flight for a client in Labrador City. 

Not an easy place to get replacement parts.

Steven...is it just me or shouldn't the on/off record function for the GoPro record been easier to find in instructions, video and even on the controller itself?

Or is this something so natural to aerial videographers it's almost silly to point it out?

Because, y'know, it's not like the instructions didn't point out other patently obvious stuff.

Okay... thank you! Is there anywhere else it can be found? Manuals? How-to videos?

Thanks for the heads up.  Saved me as I was lost on using the GoPro H4 Silver.  Have not had a gimbal that long and was so used to having to power up the GoPro, start Record and check to see if I had live video feed, sometimes did not work.  However, after having gimbal have had no video feed issues : just manually turned on GoPro and hit Record, now I do not have to.  Thanks again.


Awesome. Glad it helped.

Yes, thanks man

I just had the chance to installed my gimbal yesterday, and was wondering myself how to?

What the hell.

Too easy!



Make SURE you route the gimbal data and video/HDMI cables properly, or you will have problems with vibration in your video's.  Do a search on 'Solo gimbal install mods' to see what I'm talking about.  Here is a great discussion on this issue here::

3DR Solo Mod Facebook Page

You have to take the battery tray out and do some handy work - routing and tying off the two cables and make sure the do not touch the gimbal mount.  Don't just 'stuff it in there', you will be disappointed, trust me.



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