I have been experimenting with boosting the signal and adding hi gain antennas at the base station and have made some progress (up to 1.5 miles) but have hit a wall on distance now and need to boost the gain on the Solo side to press further. 

See all my results here: https://plus.google.com/+JayBrown_parityerror/posts/MRnX9GsMcgE

So my question to the forum is, does anyone have suggestions for hi gain replacement antennas for the quadcopter side.   And has anyone attempted this yet?  



Long Beach, CA

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I tried contacting fpvlr to see which of the antennas would be a compatible with the leg mounted Solo antennas.   They are on vacation until the 31st.  :)  Figures.    

I'm not interested in the solo basic kit though, since that is an antenna replacement for the *controller* which is not what I need.  Have you (or anyone else) tried these 


for replacing the antennas on the Solo?  Is that what you meant?

Thanks again.   

you are gonna  need u.fl to rpsma adapters and then use something like RHCP and then you would likewise want RHCP on the controller as well. you will want to forgo the leg ones.



The second one is SOLO MOD CLUB

There you will find several doing long range mods that should suit your needs.


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