I am looking to get FPV with a Solo and a GoPro using the Tower App. I can get it using the Solo app but not in Tower. I am using Tower to program and fly autonomous flights and I would like to see what the GoPro sees during the flight. Am I missing something? Or is there a better way to get FPV during autonomous flight?

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Hobby King TX/Rx systems usually contain a usb plug to fit a GoPro. Some have an intergrated screen. Cost is about US$300 for a 5.8GHZ system.

I don't have a SOLO so I can't tell you if it already includes a Video Tx but these are just about the cheapest part.

What version are you using? I am on Beta 3 and have no problem getting video.


It must have it built in because I do not need to add any extra hardware to get the FPV when using the SOLO App on my Galaxy Tab. I cannot find any way to get that video feed without using that App.
Are you talking about the Tower App? I can get it on the SOLO app but not sure where to look in Tower.

Follow this thread:


This latest beta version does include FPV.

You can connect to your Solo with two devices at the same time.  One can run the Solo app for the live feed and access to the smart shots.  The other device can run Tower.  This is what I do.  iPad mini running Solo app, Tower on an Android velcro'd below iPad mini.  You can interrupt a Tower mission and take a few smart shots with the Solo app, and then resume the mission.  I like the telemetry and related info (including the map) on Tower.  I don't even glance at the Solo app telemetry - i use it just for the live feed and smart shots.

Not directly related to the initial question (and 1 year since the last reply...), but perhaps someone in this forum has experienced this same issue using Tower? I just upgraded to the most recent Tower version, Tower-v4.0.0 (from Tower-v3.2.0) and am experiencing random video recording stoppages in the middle of auto-missions. I know its not the GoPro, since I can set the GoPro to record with a large SD and it will run for hours.

I never experienced this issue with previous versions. Anyone here come across this same issue?



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