After upgrading to an Iris+ from a DJI Phantom, one thing I missed about the Phantom was the ability to hand catch instead of landing on the ground.  Sounds crazy I know.  I don't recommend anyone do it, but if you spend some time with Phantom user groups you'll see that a lot of people do.  Yes its dangerous, but it can be useful if you are operating in difficult terrain.  With an Iris+ it has never been an option.  Just to dangerous based on how the landing gear is designed.

Looks to me, based on the design of the Solo landing gear that it might be possible to hand catch.  Again, I am not recommending it for anyone else, but personally I would like that option.  When you are on the side of a mountain, and the wind picks up or it starts snowing/raining, it can be pretty damn handy to have your self as a back up landing site.

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That trick is not an approved flight method anywhere in the world where there is a licence. Foolish showboating.


I agree %100. No more dangerous than going up a 20 foot ladder. Yes you can get hurt but that's where judgement and common sense comes into play. My brother flies a phantom from his boat and has done so literally hundreds of times and there is no practical way to land any other way so he does the hand catch gig. And your right the landing gear on the phantom works great for this... looks like the solo might too IF it's strong enough to support it's weight with one gear. I have a home made quad I plan on flying from my boat and I am going to have a 12" stick hanging down for this very reason. I will however be wearing  a leather glove. :] 



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