I have little knowledge at this field. I know that Solo gimbal is 3X and suppose to tilt and pan. I just don't know how the pan works. I move right corner of the control wheel to see whether the camera will pan left and right but see nothing. Is my gimbal is not working correct or need set up or the wrong switch. Please give me lesson. At Solo Flight School didn't mention about how this switch and how pan works.



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The pan is not one you can control like the Inspire 1 has. It just dampens the side to side movement in the video from yaw of the copter. 

The wheel on the right side is for controlling the speed of the tilt on the gimbal. on the controller it will show you the degrees per sec it will take to go from preset 1 to preset 2.


To yaw the gimble you need to yaw the whole copter.

Pan of your camera is controlled by yawing your Solo left and right in flight. So if you are testing things on the ground, you won't see the gimbal move.

There is no separate pan control on the gimbal on the controller. The wheel on the right corner control actually controls the speed that the Gimbal will tilt between the two presets, when you press the 1 or 2 buttons on each side of the wheel.

Thank you

I didn't know this! Thank you!



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