Has anyone started working on retracts for the Solo?

I think I might tinker with it while I wait for the gimbal to arrive.

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How are you going to deal with the antennae and Compass in the Legs? I looked into it, it was IMHO impractical. The only way I think would be acceptable would be those terrible "A" frame style that fold from the belly to the sides. But the compass and antennae will need to be relocated.

What would be the reasoning for the retracts? The gimbal's 3rd axis is the yaw of the copter. Also the legs do not get in the way of the gopro and they protect it, albeit not very much by the looks of the photos. Longer legs I would go for before retracts.

The legs do show up on videos from people who use WIDE  and SUPERWIDE FOV (only available FOV on 4K) on their GoPros. You don't see the legs only when using MEDIUM or NARROW FOV.

I will have to check that out. Thanks
"What would be the reasoning for the retracts?"

1. Legs come into view when shooting 4K (wide is only option on GoPro in 4K).

2. At some point I may use a different gimbal/camera combination, and that gimbal (like the DYS on my Iris+), will more than likely be able to rotate (yaw) 360 degrees. Using the drone to pan the camera by yawing it is OK, but it's tricky when your not hovering in place.

3. Also, just because I like tinkering around - as most people on this site do.

These are my retracts for the 3DR Iris, they worked very well. A lot of people are using them. I thought and contemplated and mulled it over for a while to adapt them for the Solo, but moving the compass and Antennae AFTER all the ground checks is not a good idea. I came up with Solo Leg extensions instead :).


Just tried a few different modes and I can see the legs in anything wider than Medium on my gopro Hero 3+ Black. In Wide setting 1080p no legs are visible only if the camera is pointing straight forward.

Will the gimbal seat the gopro better for wider shooting modes?

Maybe the legs will be removed in post if you are correcting the fisheye effect. Hopefully a replacement lens will not be necessary to shoot in 4k with the gimbal in order to not see legs.

Yeah, the legs get removed in post if you remove fish eye, but sometimes I like to leave the fish eye in. Depends on the shot.

Stabilization in post also tends to remove the legs, depending on how aggressive the stabilization is.

And of course if you are shooting in 4K, but delivering in 1080P, you have plenty of room to crop.

But let's hope the gimbal pushes the camera far enough forward to hide the legs.

Even if the legs weren't visible, I still could see some use cases where it would be useful to the camera around 180 degrees while stimulusly flying in a given direction. I have a feeling the cable cam smart shot could get me 99% of the way there because the Solo can fly in one consistent direction while simultaneously yawing. A skill I just can't master on my own (end up flying in curves)

Yes, those are the go to retracts for the Iris.  

Now I'm toying with the idea of just doing retracts for the front legs.  The antenna is in the front, so that would still have to be resolved, but at least you would not have to futz with the compass.  It wouldn't allow for a full 360 gimbal pan (as opposed to yaw), but it would certainly remove the legs in frame issue.... if thats even an issue when the gimbal comes out.

I only make them to order now. I have to order the parts. This is the official listing, Shameless Plug,  they are Special Order though:


Seems reasonable. Probably would not add any more weight than retracts.

There are basically 2 reasons for retracts:

1. Remove legs from shots - might not be required if gimbal is forward enough.

2. Allow 360 camera pan while quad flys, turns, etc.

Since the quad can yaw, number 2 is not a convincing reason. Especially since a Solo can stay on course (cable cam) while yawing. It would be a lot of work for little benefit. First you need retracts, then you need to install a 3rd party gimbal with 360 rotation, and you will still need a way to control the gimbal rotation from the ground.

Last night I hooked up my GoPro Hero 3+ Black to Solo without using the rigid mount. If I position the camera down lower to where it seems the gimbal positions it the legs are wider apart and there were NO visible legs in 1080p and 2.7K WIDE modes. There is even some room to play with which will help the gimbal.

Any super wide shooting modes will not show up on the solo app for me.

This offers explanation as to why the gimbal looks like a 5th leg in most of the pics and gives hope to shooting full HD with the Solo sans modifications.



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