In addition to crop survey tasks, a local sustainable farming group asked me if the 3DR Solo (or other kinds of drones) might also be useful for harassing crows effectively enough to keep them out of crop areas.  Any thoughts on that?  More detail follows:

According to the farm's director: For the last few weeks, a big murder of crows has been visiting in the late afternoons; they seem to know when the farm staff leaves. Several sit watch on the utility wires while others scavenge the fields for sprouting veggies.  He also noted the crows have ganged up to harass a hawk so is concerned that they might be able to figure out a way to take-out a drone.

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That is a really cool idea.

Make missions to fly around and scare them off? Have more than one to mix it up a bit.  Maybe attach a siren or something and trigger it at specified ROI, bright lights......this sounds like fun actually.

I currently do it now. Crows are a bit harder than other birds. They are fairly smart and cunning. Speakers etc dont really work with them. Standard mission flying dosnt work either. The only way we have found with crows is to actively chase them. Intercept them as they approach the property.

I've played around with this on my Dad's farm. Crows are smart, and aren't intimidated by a drone at all. If you fly one past a tree where a bunch of them are sitting, they'll leave, but do it again, and they aren't bothered. You actually do have to chase them to get them to move. Geese? Totally different story. They're off as quickly as you start the motors.

Crows are smart. I wonder if you could train them to fear the Solo... Grab a BB gun. Approach the murder with drone. Once it's within a certain distance, fire a couple shots. Swing the drone away and wait for the crows to regroup. Approach, and once again, when the drone is within a certain distance, fire a couple shots. After a couple days of this, I bet the crows learn. The key will be to NOT fire shots every single time the drone approaches. Mix it up a little to keep the crows nervous and guessing.

I really like the idea of Erik Graham, The crows indeed are very intelligent and you got to play a "Brain Storming" session every time you engage them. Rest assure, they know your next move unless you prove yourself to be totally unpredictable. LoL

-anyone out there ever tried integrating a drone guidance system with ground based or onboard FLIR and/or ultrasonic sensors for the purpose of chasing birds or other animals out of crops areas?


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